The Process of Remembering is my short film about remembering, learning and understanding who you are in this world. Eight visuals are entwined together to create this film. They are all versions of Alexis Saenz that she has moved through to get to where she is today. This film took one year to create and was in collaboration with 34 different artists.

     The Process of Remembering Experience is a live show stemming from the film. With an immersive art gallery experience attached to it, this unique experience is a fundraising event. The funds raised from this show will be for the creator, Alexis Saenz, to take the film and immersive art gallery on the road around the US, to teach the importance of body, mind, spirit connection, healing and self-love. Alexis plans to start the tour April 2019 and continue through until July 2019, finishing in LA.

     Since creating The Process of Remembering, Alexis has continued to realize and learn more and more from that process. She hopes that people attending the show or watching the film, will be inspired to remember who they are and continue going through their processes with fortitude.

     "As long as I am breathing and The Creator continues to challenge me in this life with adversity and I continue to overcome, I will speak my truth, seek the truth and heal through my art. We all must." -Alexis Saenz, Creator of 'The Process of Remembering

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