About the Artist

Alexis Saenz hails from the beautiful city of Denver, Colorado. She attended the Denver School of the Arts studying dance, music, and acting. In 2014, she graduated from California Institute of the Arts with her Bachelor's of Fine Arts in Dance and Choreography. Since then she has been pursuing not only commercial work in all these platforms, but her own work as well, which has stretched her artistically and has her wearing many hats. She is a creative director, choreographer, dancer, singer, actress, crafter, painter, set designer, and likes to use all these avenues to express herself. As well as the many artistic hats she wears, she is an environmental and indigenous activist based in LA, who is a part of the International Indigenous Youth Council. Alexis teaches dance and pilates to ages 2 - 80 years old and takes pride helping people find their strength and artistic way to express themselves through dance and movement. 

From My Heart

As multi racial women, I create art that pulls from my own personal trauma and adversity, aiming to find healing and truth through art. I create works all throughout California and Colorado including commissioned, including receiving awards for her choreography. I now work to spread my art on a global scale. I want to share my story so my people, my sisters and my youth know they are not alone and they can overcome adversity and breach obstacles. To share your story is to heal yourself. I hope to inspire others to share their stories so they to can heal from past trauma.

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