“A wise Indigenous elder once said, before we are born we know who we are, where we come from and who our creator is. Once we are born into this life, we forget all of that. Our entire process of life, is remembering who we are.” 


The Process of Remembering is my short film about remembering, learning and understanding who I am in this world. This piece of work came about because of the place I was in. I needed to start from scratch relearn, reset and figure out a new way of being. I had went through a break up, my family was not an option to turn to, my closest friends were not available to me, and I didn't have money for counseling. I needed to heal and the only way I knew how, was creating art. The film is split into eight visuals that represent different phases or experiences I have lived. They are all versions of me that I have moved through to get to where I am today. Each one having a different thought, concept or façade to explore.


I collaborated with 34 different artists who are my friends and community who were willing to help me embark on this process of healing. It started with my Director and good friend Keenan Gibson, I told him the concept and a few of my ideas and he wanted to be a part right from the beginning and I asked him to be my right hand, my director, on this project. From there we put our minds together on who to ask in our community to be a part. It was a process for all of us as we came together to show my path it also opened their eyes to their own in a way. Since creating The Process of Remembering, I have continued to realize and learn more and more from that process. I hope that people watching the film will be inspired to remember who they are and continue going through their processes with fortitude. As long as I am breathing and The Creator continues to challenge me in this life with adversity and I continue to overcome, I will speak my truth, seek the truth and heal through my art. We all must.





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